Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mary's Morning Meeting... and More Equations!!

Way to start our day, Mary! Great morning meeting with Frere Jacque, koosh toss greeting, and the telephone game! Well done!
Later this morning we practiced our "top secret" readers theater all together and LOVED IT! We'll let you know when we're ready to share it with all you parents, it will certainly be before the winter break, likely during the beginning of that last week or the week before!
We hunted for more words with the long e vowel sound in our poetry packs, and shared our words together in class! Who knew poetry could be so much fun! Work board was busy and full of lots of new literacy centers. Students worked very independently and productively today! Wow... how far we've come friends!
In math we stretched our learning about equations, and made some equations of our own! Using our "smart board" (and, yes... that was quite a challenge!!!) we built equations with (up to) 4 variables! Wow! This is what I call serious thinking and reasoning with lots of computation.... and we LOVED IT!! Can't wait till our smart board really gets smart... right friends?
We ended the day with Ms. Gebo in PE and worked hard! Just what we needed after missing outdoor recess! See you all tomorrow morning!

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