Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lannashia's Morning Meeting and that's One Tiny Clothespin!!

Lannashia started our Tuesday off with Oh Susannah, which we, of course, changed into Oh Lannashia, followed by the clothespin game.... with the tiniest clothespin you've EVER SEEN!!! Just check out Mary's pony tail if you don't believe me!! We practiced vocabulary by using our spelling words in "second grade" spelling sentences, and boy... did we knock it out of the park! Well done second grade! Clever, meaningful, neat, and challenging! Now that's one productive writing workshop!
We reviewed ordinal numbers (first, second, third...) and vocabulary practice, and stretched our thinking and reasoning with some challenging questions during math today!
We ended our afternoon reading and talking about what it means to be a veteran. Do any of us have "veteran's" in our family? Friends talked about what it means to serve our country, and about the walking field trip we'll take to the Sunderland Town Hall tomorrow morning to celebrate and remember. Be prepared! Wear comfortable shoes, coats and hats... this is one special little field trip that connects our students with "citizenship" and "community" in ways that are quite meaningful! Oh... and if you're able, feel free to join us! We leave at 9:30 and will be back by 11:00.

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