Monday, November 15, 2010

Mackenzie's Meeting, TJ's Math Meeting, and Karen Brings Malawi to 2W and 4B!!

I don't think we could have packed any more into our Monday! Wow! Let's begin with Mackenzie's morning meeting... Rockin' Robin, koosh greeting and clothespin game (tricky... blended right in with Adan's shirt)!!
We worked on our new spelling principle, long a vowel sound (when your mouth "smiles" and a says it's name)! We picked new words and wrote them neatly onto our homework packets! The gold star reminds us that neatness counts, and we really showed off some neat spelling words on our spelling cards AND our homework! Well done second grade!
In writing workshop we talked about more "great ways to begin a story". Last time we talked about starting a story with a question, and today, we tried starting with some dialogue! You can really grab a reader's attention with a great beginning, and that's exactly what Mary did in her story today! Though, you might have to be of the "feline persuasion" to understand the dialogue in her story, because her cat "Snickers" did all the talking!! Way to experiment with your writing, Mary! That was a great beginning, and a nice story (you can thank Snickers later...hee hee)!!
After writing we had an AWESOME meeting with Karen Hardy (Ms. Worthley's friend from Educate Malawi, check the link on the right hand side of the blog) and she picked up our letters to be delivered to Malawi! Karen shared some of her own stories, letters, and photos from Malawi as well and we all took a few moments to appreciate and understand how fortunate we are to live in such a wealthy country where we have so much opportunity and access to education! The work they do is truly inspiring, and we are grateful to be part of their global outreach work! Our deepest thanks to Karen, for bringing the pen pal project to Sunderland, and connecting us to our new Malawi friends in such a meaningful way! Can't wait to see what Abraham brings back from his trip to Malawi!!
Our afternoon was equally engaging! TJ had his first math meeting, and then we continued our learning about place value. We switched from unifix cubes to base 10 blocks (very cool), and built numbers! We stretched our thinking by comparing tens and ones (2 tens, and 8 ones...) and reasoned through some tricky problems with gloves, pairs, and 65 fingers!! Well done second graders! Not sure I've ever seen so many students tackle (seriously, like a LINEBACKER) that glove problem the way you all did today! Wow! Nice work!
We ended the day with more responsible research with Ms. Kidder in computers. When ever you wonder about something, or want to learn more, you can research a topic with Ms. Kidder on the computer! Nice! Great Monday everyone! Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

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