Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peter's Meeting, Writing Reviews, and St. Jude's Mathathon!!

Great morning meeting Peter! Way to start the day! Pinky-handshake greeting, clothespin game, and Rockin' Robin... way to wake us up Peter! After meeting we practiced handwriting "paragraph-style"! Then came word study and ABC Order... always a challenge when many words begin with the same letter, and today... many words started with the same letter. Yikes! Thinking required...and thinking WE DID! Our rule is digraph sounds (consonants that are paired up and make a new, unique sound), and one of the only times you're actually allowed to stick your tongue out at your teacher! Saying th sound (the rude brother and sister) is the only time you can stick your tongue out at Ms. Worthley... and get away with it!! Well done second graders! We wrote our words in order, ABC order that is, and read our words to a friend.
Writing workshop was busy with a new kind of writing: reviews, soon to be summaries! We talked about the "big idea" in a story and wrote in our reading logs for the first time! Reading logs is another place where we write about our reading (obviously) and today we read Don't Call Me Pruneface! Very funny, great illustrations, great message! The writer did some interesting things that caught our attention, and we talked and wrote all about it! Kirsten and Olivia R. shared at the author's share (well done ladies) and students complimented their work while noticing things that "good writers do". Tomorrow, we'll stretch our thinking into writing summaries that include the beginning/middle/ending of the story.
Adan is our math meeting helper this week, and did a fantastic job running our meeting! After, we hosted Ms. Weinberger as she introduced the Mathathon project to the second grade! We convened together and talked about St. Jude's Hospital and how they help care for children (even when they can't pay for it). We were given math books to try and use math to raise money! Fun! This is a fundraiser that may offer prizes to friends who donate a high dollar amount... but in 2W (and 2Z) anyone who "tries" to contribute, and "wants" to do the math, will get prizes! That's right, you can raise money in the mathathon, but every friend in second grade wins when they participate! YEAH! That's the way we like it... everyone involved, thinking, and participating! Special thanks to Ms. Weinberger for this opportunity to contribute! GO MATH!!

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