Thursday, November 18, 2010

TJ's Many Meetings, 2W's Feast, and More With Place Value!

TJ started our day with a new song, new greeting, and new game! THANK YOU TJ!! Love the koosh, but I think we were definitely ready for a change! Well done! We launched into our morning with handwriting before another meeting about our 2W feast. A tradition in 2W is to have what we call a feast... in honor of all our learning about history, the pilgrims, freedom, and fall harvest! We discuss what a meaningful celebration would include, and voted on what kinds of food we'd like to include in our classroom feast... the democratic way... with a vote, of course! We all decided to prepare a vegetable soup with apple pie for dessert! Ms. Worthley's going to throw in some cornbread (because... it's cornbread, after all, and we love anything that has "corn" and "bread" as it's name!!) and we'll prepare our feast on Monday for our celebration on Tuesday. Can't wait friends! This is a memorable occasion, and we look forward to it each and every year!
Later in our busy day, we stretched our learning about place value with important vocabulary (ones, tens, hundreds, place, value, worth) and "built" numbers with base 10 blocks! YEAH!!!!! Love the base 10 blocks and especially when it's all about triple digit numbers! Well done second grade! Real hands-on, interactive, cooperative learning in math today... just the way we like it!!

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