Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Play... With Our Food??? OK!!

What a full day! Joe started us off with a great morning meeting and soon after, it was off to "Food Play" a PTO sponsored event! We were dazzled by juggling, theatrics, and some very entertaining characters who taught us about nutrition, healthy habits, and "GO" snacks... vs "whoa" snacks! After the show, we were treated to some healthy snacks, courtesy of Big Y! Clementines, apples, and water! PERFECT!! Thanks PTO, for an enriching, entertaining, and hilarious experience in learning about reading labels and making healthy choices! After the big show, and the healthy snacks, it was time for word study and long o vowel sounding words! Using dictionaries we looked up words and checked for ABC order. Writing workshop was all about revisiting the great show, and showing our learning! Thanks to Food Play, we learned to think about our food as a "plate" instead of a pyramid! Each friend built a healthy plate of food choices in each of the categories, and we all learned MORE about how to make nutritional choices to stay strong, focused, smart, and beautiful!!
We practiced more on telling time to the half hour, and have another game to play at home! Joe ended the day with a great math meeting... great job Joe!
So, tomorrow... Willy Wonka Day... are you ready for some FUN???? Game ON! Wish Roald Dahl was in the house, 'cause he'd be our BIGGEST WONKA DAY FAN!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome Back Friends!!

Second grade was ready to get back in action today, and Makayla started it all off with a great morning meeting! Nice job Makayla! Writing workshop was all about personal narratives and telling our "vacation" stories. The focus was on how to pick ONE event.... ONE story, and write about the details! Using a "think sheet", helps organize a writers ideas, thoughts, and can sequence a story with many parts! Our writers, Tia, Owen, and Kaela shared their vacation stories and did a great job! In math we reviewed reading clocks and telling time, and ended the day with Joe's math meeting! Well done Joe! Great day friends!