Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! What a wonderful day full of friendship, food, fluency practice, and fun! We started with Danny's fabulous meeting! Next, it was all about our new spelling rule, ling I vowel sound and sorting words! Who can forget the fun we had designing and creating our fancy shmancy mail boxes later used to house our wonderful valentine greetings! We had an extra fancy snack thanks to jello jigglers, cookies, cupcakes, and delicious cheese and crackers with fresh fruit! WOW!! Jake showed off his special mohawk hair do exclusively worn for Valentines Day... and you can see why for yourself! Ms. W. also got to wear some customized handmade bracelets made by some very creative, busy jewelry makers as well. Thanks Alena! Earlier in the week, we practiced writing and addressing friendly letters and envelopes, and read our letters today! Students were given 3 clues (like a riddle) about who their "mystery friend" might be, and many guessed on the first try! WOW!! Well done writers, readers, and riddlers!!! In the afternoon we practiced showing our thinking when faced with a story problem, and did a great job including pictures, words, numbers (equation), and the answer!! Since it's Tuesday, we also had math fluency practice in computers, and worked on expanded notation of 3 digit numbers, along with place value games from the blog! Try them at home! They're LOTS of fun and GREAT practice!

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