Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brady's Meeting and Fabulous February Calendars!!

Greetings Thursday Thinkers! Brady started our day with a great meeting! This Land is Your Land, cube greeting, and sparkle! Great job Brady! We used our long a spelling words to sort words according to spelling patterns and context clues! Well done! In writing workshop we relaxed with our dialogue journals, a private place to write thoughts, feelings, songs, stories, or what ever you choose! The only rule... writers must write! I think I saw some very impressive comic strips complete with word bubbles and seriously funny jokes (yes, I'm talking to you, Danny)!! Speaking of "Dannys" our other Danny treated us to a poem he and Mrs. Easton practiced in reading group (with his able bodied sidekick Alena) and it was fabulous! Well done Danny! Loved it! Keep up the good work!
We jumped into February yesterday, so today, on Groundhog Day, we jumped into calendar math in the afternoon! We talked about Leap year, month words, days of the week, and used our calendar to answer some questions about February! I must say that today, our calendars might have been the neatest ones yet this year! Neatness COUNTS, and it sure counted today in 2W during math! Outstanding! We were visited today by one of our favorite substitute teachers, Mrs. McGinn, and she read from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during read aloud, and what a treat it was! We are so INTO this amazing story you can hear a pin drop during read aloud! Prepare for one amazing surprise when we approach the end of this remarkable story by one of our favorite authors, Roald Dahl!
We ended the day on work board (scholastic news, buddy reading, listening center, Ed Emberly, fiction writing, and ABC center, just to name a few). We have a bit of a challenge in our classroom remembering to make good choices for our learning. This is an independent work time where second graders are expected to get their center work done (and done well) on their own. As always, try again tomorrow, do better, and make improvements! I know we can do it, and we will! Having said that, many friends did some exceptional work today, and it shows!! Keep it up! Homework due tomorrow. Get ready for Fun Friday!

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