Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zenani's Meeting, Addition with Regrouping, and Full Moon!??

Howdy Thursday Think-a-ma-jigs! Zenani started our day with the rhythm stick greeting, Oh, Susannah, and sparkle! Well done Zenani! After library with Mrs. Kidder, we were practicing writing with apostrophe's in handwriting with possessive nouns! Next it was on to word study and using rhyme to sort our long e vowel sounding words. Writing workshop was all about spelling words and sentences. Paying attention to the mechanics of our writing, what our sentences look like (capitals, punctuation, and spelling), while adding detail, wow words, and dialogue to our writing! In math we practiced what we learned yesterday when adding double digit numbers. We payed close attention to regrouping, and when you need to regroup numbers. Understanding place value is very important when learning to add 2 and 3 digit numbers, and we reviewed the rule (for pencil and paper addition)! First add the tens, and then, add the ones. A new skill, and so far, we're looking good! With just a little more practice, we'll have it LOCKED IN! Well done friends! Ms. Schumacher read from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during read aloud today, and it looks like we may finish this incredible story tomorrow... and do you know what that means?? Willy Wonka Day in second grade is close at hand! Dressing as your favorite Wonka character, and a day full of Wonka inspired candy-licious surprises! Let's keep the "candy" part on the "down low"... Nurse Jeannie is busy enough, without worrying about our pearly whites, as it relates to Wonka Day. Let's all just promise to brush, really brush those pearly whites after Wonka Day, and everyone will be happy! Woohoo! Soon!
Pocket Day tomorrow! What will you wear??

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