Monday, February 13, 2012

Alena's Meeting and Making Mailboxes for Valentines Day!

Howdy Friends! Alena got us off to a great start her morning meeting! Well done Alena! Next, it was off to "bootcamp" and our new long vowel sound i... when i says it's name in a word (with i, silent e, and y... and even "igh"). Fun! We sorted words according to their spelling pattern, and then it was on to writing workshop. Writing friendly letters to each other (complete with a date, greeting, body, and closing... but not signed!!) Today's letters are from "mystery friends"! We wrote 3 clues (riddles) to help our friends guess who the letters might be from. Tomorrow, we will "mail" the letters in our official envelopes, and see if we can guess the identity of our mystery friend! Fun! Can't wait!
In math we reviewed the rules for adding double digit numbers with regrouping (carrying) and listened to Professor Kahn explain his thinking with number lines, and adding the "pencil-paper" way. Good review, and practice! We ended the day with a creative project with stencils, stickers, markers, and mailboxes! Every friend decorated a HUGE mailbox ready to receive any and all special notes and valentines they may get tomorrow! We will have a special snack in the morning (thanks Julie, Michelle, and Aimmee). As we talked about today, while we celebrate friendship and kindness on Valentines Day, every day is an opportunity to be a good friend, offer kind caring words, and "do what good friends do"!! Bring in Valentines tomorrow, if you'd like, they will be packed up and ready to read when students arrive at home. Tuesday is also a PE day... sneakers please!

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