Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Addition with Regrouping, and Julienne's Meeting!

Greetings Wednesday Workers! Julienne got it all started with This Land Is Your Land, the cube greeting (whoa!!!), and sparkle! Love that game! Great Meeting Julienne! With lots of enthusiastic participation!! We practiced writing apostrophe words, courtesy of contractions, in handwriting, and then it was on to spelling! Sorting our long e vowel sound words and paying close attention to simile and context clues... well done friends! In writing workshop we used our prewriting from yesterday, and crafted summaries of a delightful story called Imogene's Antlers by David Small! Writers payed close attention to writing a beginning, middle, and ending to their summaries and did a wonderful job! In quiet reading many friends enjoyed all the new books around our presidential theme and learned a lot about Washington, Lincoln, and many more!
In math we were introduced to double digit addition with regrouping (carrying). When adding the ones column, the sum can often be a two digit number. Understanding how to regroup that "ten" and then add it to the tens column is important! Remembering to ALWAYS WRITE WHAT YOU CARRY is also important! Following the steps is very important, and we'll practice some more each day to improve our skills and speed! Another reason why knowing those math facts automatically is very important! Great work today! Tia ended math with another great math meeting complete with calendar, days in school, money, and weather graphing! Great day friends! Library tomorrow... library books please!

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