Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cali's Meeting and Time to Clock In!!

Howdy Friends! Cali started our Wednesday with a great meeting, complete with Chicken Lips, the cube greeting, and Boppity Bop Bop Bop! Well done Cali! We worked with our long i vowel sound words and used context clues to complete sentences, and changed beginning and ending sounds to form spelling words! Well done! You know it's going to be a good day in writing workshop when you say "time for pre-writing to get ready for summaries tomorrow" and the reply from the class is a collective, fist pumping YESSSSSS! Reading Owl Babies we wrote about the beginning, middle, and end of the story, including pictures to connect us with this truly endearing story about an owl families 3 babies, Sarah, Percy, and Bill. We are truly evolving into some of the best summary writers I think I've ever seen! Well done! In math we introduced a unit on time and clocks, and talked about parts of a clock today, paying close attention to digital vs. analog clocks, and noticing the BIG difference between the hands on a clock face (minute, BIG, hour, small, and second, fast)!! Well done! We enjoyed a very well run math meeting by our very own Skyler! Nice work Sky!! Next, and lastly, we started a brand new work board while readers met with teachers. What fun! Excellent work today friends, lets do it again tomorrow! Thursday is a library day, so remember books please. And if you have any classroom books at home, hiding under cozy pillows and beds, or sitting by the nightstand, please bring them in so others can enjoy! Thanks you!!

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