Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jake's Meeting, Summaries, and Fact Families!!

Howdy Friends! What a full productive Tuesday! Jake started it off with a new meeting song, Twist and Shout! After that we greeted each other as if we were circus animals... elephants, monkeys, bunnies, and more! The telephone game was also a huge hit! Well done Jake! In handwriting we worked on using the apostrophe with some contraction words. Word sstudy was all about phonetic substitutions and dictionaries! We moved ourselves into the cafeteria which proved to be a bright, sunny, lovely work space, and it was all about long e vowel sounding words! When we arrived back in the classroom it was time for some prewriting and Imogene's Antlers, a whimsical funny story about what it might be like to wake up with antlers on your head!! Clearly, Imogene made the most of this very serious situation, and we loved every minute of it! We will use our prewriting tomorrow to craft summaries in writing workshop. We ended the morning with quiet reading and enjoyed our new book theme.... US Presidents! In math today we used what we learned yesterday about equations and practiced fact families! Groups of numbers that always work together! You could have heard a pin drop today, and our focus was incredible! Well done! Being Tuesday, we had fluency practice in math with computers and played many addition, place value games, and added tens! Anytime you want to practice math fluency using the computer, remember, all the games are right there on the blog for you! Practice makes for a fast, fluent, automatic problem solver! Well done! Great day! PE tomorrow, sneakers please.

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