Friday, February 3, 2012

Spirit Day! Go Team!!

Greetings Fans! Today was spirit day at SES, and everyone showed up for the event!! After a week of anticipation, poster making, surveys, and data collection, spirit day was finally here, and student's represented their teams beautifully! Wow! Cali even represented both teams, Giants and Patriots with one of the coolest, creative, bi-partisan shirts we've ever seen! Awesome Cali! Loved it!! Danny started our day and our morning meeting with Black Socks (as in the song, not stinky socks), the "did you know" greeting, and sparkle! Excellent Danny! Way to start the day! Next it was on to word study and buddy test. We practiced one last time with our spelling words, tapping them out (on our arms while seeing and saying the words), and finished with our word hunt. After talking about making good learning choices (yesterday) it sure payed off today! Best buddy test ever! Students were able to concentrate and think about the spelling patterns and do their best work! Nice! Writing workshop was all about spelling words again, and using our words in context to create sentences. Everyone did an excellent job, and three friends shared some of their sentences with us at author's share. Quiet reading was quite relaxing and a supreme pleasure, with book choices like Roald Dahl (our new second grade addiction, and new scholastic book club books from our most recent book order! Well done!
In math, we practiced more double digit addition (the paper and pencil way) and reviewed the rule... first add the ones, then add the tens! Some of our sums even leaped into triple digit numbers, and we had to pay even closer attention to place value, neat columns when writing numbers, and adding, of course! We took some extra time today to finish our February calendars and February never looked better! WOW friends! Excellent work! We ended fun Friday with some time catching up on work board while readers met with Ms. W. I must say friends, when we bring our "A-game" we BRING IT!! I can't tell you how proud I was of how we completed our center work, quietly, cooperatively, creatively, and productively! I'm serious, when we apply effort and perseverance, confidence and creativity to our thinking, there's NOTHING we can't do! Well done friends! Great day! Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend with friends, food, fans, and fun! Not a football fan... read a book and bring it in to share on Monday morning! Go Readers!! Go Team!!

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