Monday, February 6, 2012

Tia's Meetings, Beans and Ballet!!

What a wonderful Monday! The Pats may have lost, but WE were in "game shape" today in second grade, that's for sure! Tia started the morning with one great meeting and a new game, "It's a WHAT??" Well played Tia! Everyone loved it! Our new spelling rule is long e vowel sound, and ways to make the long e sound. It was off to boot camp, and we reviewed our chant: when two vowels stand side by side, the first one says it's name with pride! Catchy! and a great way to remember our vowel teams! Cali shared a book she made before quiet reading today, and then it was off to the ballet! That's right! We were treated to one of the most beautiful, magical, graceful shows we've ever seen! A Hadley ballet school brought 5 of their most amazing students to share the history, culture, and beautiful music and dance that they've been studying. Very impressive, and what an attentive, well mannered, respectful audience we were too! Nice! In math we used beans to calculate all the equations we could make with 15 beans, and what a great job we did! Again, I can't tell you how well we worked today! So focused, so productive, so organized, and the result was impressive! So proud! Great work! Tia ended our math block with one great math meeting. I mean, seriously, her first math meeting and she looked like she was BORN running math meetings! Poised, focused, and attentive! Nicely done Tia. You may have almost tied Owen for "most meetings lead by a second grader in one day" award! WOW! We LOVED listening to the spoiled, overindulgent Veruca Salt go down the incinerator chute today in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, compliments of some very insightful, talented squirrels! We ended our day on work board with catch up day as Ms. W. met with readers in groups for fluency practice and guided reading groups! What a day! Ballet, beans, games, reading, writing, and friends! Kinda makes me excited to see what tomorrow will bring! See you then!! PE on Tuesday, sneakers please!

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