Friday, February 10, 2012

Julienne's Meeting and Pocket Day!!

Great Friday!! And Julienne got it all started with an enthusiastic meeting with This Land Is Your Land, cube greeting, and sparkle!!! Great job Julienne! After computers we reviewed what we've learned about writing letters, and took it a step further. We addressed envelopes and talked about what an address is, and how to properly address an envelope, so the letter can be delivered. Outstanding job, and very challenging, as an envelope is relatively small, compared to second grade writing paper, and still, we did a fabulous job! Nicely done! Next, it was on to our buddy test, and seeing whether we've really learned our new rule, long e vowel sound! Ther verdict... YES! Yes, we do, indeed know how to spell our long e vowel sound words, and should be able to transfer that into our writing!
We ended the morning with quiet reading, and shared with our new student teacher, Ms. Garrity, what quiet reading really looks like in second grade!
We started the afternoon with our math warm-up (math computation fluency practice) and many are noticing that their hard work, and practice is paying off! YEAH!! After that, it was Pocket Day!! Love, love, love Pocket Day! Together, we all tallied how many pockets we were wearing today, and then worked in small groups to add them all up using friendly numbers (numbers that are easy to work with... addends of ten, counting by 5's, and doubles)! I can't tell you how impressed I was by all your collaboration, communication, and creative ways to combine numbers and come up with an answer!! Today... in 2W... we were proudly adorned with 95 pockets all together! Now THAT was fun!! After math, Tia lead her last math meeting of the week and did a fantastic job! We were in good hands with Tia in charge of our math meetings, and next week, it's all up to Skyler! I can't wait Skyler, can you?? Ms. Shumacher read the final chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in read aloud today, and we loved every minute of it. Now that we're done reading the story... Do you know what that means? WILLY WONKA DAY IN SECOND GRADE!!! What does that mean? What's the big deal?? I'll tell you!! Students will come dressed as their favorite character, and the day will be filled with Wonka-licious challenges in all curricular areas. reading, writing, and math. Let's just say, get ready for some "chocolaty surprises that await you!!! Have a great weekend everyone! Sleep, enjoy family and friends, and see you all bright and early for another great week in second grade!

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