Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Writing, Telling Time, and Skyler's VIP!!

Great, and I mean really GREAT Friday friends! Lola started our day with one awesome morning meeting with Rockin' Robin, the koosh toss greeting, and "It's a WHAT??" game! Well done Lola! Buddy test was very efficient, and we are now all experts on long i vowel sound! Word hunt was just as fun... reading text and finding and sorting words according to spelling patterns with the long i sound! In writing workshop many friends used the time to finish crafting summaries of Owl Babies. Once done with summaries, many enjoyed "free writing"! A time to actually enjoy writing, tools for writing, and practice the variety of ways writing gives purpose and meaning to our lives! Many used the time for research and sharing information about what they've learned in their reading groups, some enjoyed making maps, some wrote their own stories (dogs, babies, and games they've invented), and some, even enjoyed the stencils from Valentines Day to create lovely pictures and messages for friends! We also had some cleverly crafted posters, designed with a clear message... that we will share later, upon completion (that's right Zenani and Kaela... I'm talking to you)! Great job everyone! After writing, many shared their work with the class, and everyone agreed, free writing will have to happen again soon! LOVED IT!!
In math we stretched our learning about parts of the clock, and telling time to the hour, and learned about time to the half hour. We learned how the number 1 on the clock face actually means 5 minutes past the hour... and the 6 on the clock face is actually 30 minutes past the hour. Tricky!! But we've got it! After practicing with the smart board, we matched clock faces with corresponding digital times (to the half hour) using our cutting and gluing skills too!
Today was the first day, all year, that every friend, I mean EVERY FRIEND turned in their homework! WOW! Well done, and worth a little extra free break time, outside, in the beautiful sunshine! Great reward for a job well done! We ended the day with Skyler's VIP! We learned about her friends, favorites, and how much she loves her family! Well done Skyler! You had quite a busy week of meetings this week! Nice job! Can't wait for Alena's VIP next week, after the break. Have a wonderful week off with friends and family! Remember your promise to read and play math games a little each day, so your brain comes back ready and confident (not lazy and tired)!! Have a great week friends!!

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