Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Fun Friday!!

Our first fun Friday did NOT disappoint! We had our second morning meeting and sang This Old Man, shared a "koosh" greeting, and played another new game, the clothespin game! We practiced energizers we learned yesterday, and learned a couple of new ones too! Potato, Corn, Banana.... Fantastic! We learned about "quiet reading" the second grade way, and used our white boards in math too! Taking care of all our tools and putting them away properly are also important! Second graders are responsible for their learning, and taking care of our class and each other is extremely important! We used colored pencils to write responses to our reading in writing workshop, and ended the day in computers with Ms. Kidder! Be sure and check the blog for updates, important announcements, and everything you need to know about our learning in 2W! What a great first couple of days we've had together! Well done second graders! PE on Tuesday... sneakers please!


  1. Hi Lee - so happy David is in your class this year! Also very much looking forward to following the class on your blog here. Thanks so much for doing this and have an Awesome year!

  2. We're off to a great start! A lot of our learning in the first few weeks is about "learning HOW we learn", community building, and taking care of tools and materials! Looking forward to a GREAT year in second grade!!