Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day... HOORAY!!

Greetings Friends! What a great first day in school it was! Everyone arrived on time (YAY!!!) and ready for learning! At morning meeting we learned a new song and new game! We also greeted every friend "the second grade way". Looking each friend in the eye, and carefully handing the ball (Earth) around to each other! Well done! After meeting, we had a lot to cover today! With so many new friends in our class, we went on a little journey so we would know where everything is... bathrooms, nurse, cafeteria, and even our library! We learned many new routines as well, how to use and reuse pencils, how to line up, how to hand in "finished work", what to do when the bell rings, how to sit at meetings, and so much more! Ms. W had recess duty today, and I was reminded how AWESOME so many second grade friends are at playing soccer! WOW! What fun! In the afternoon we learned how to do "math warm up" (computation and fluency), and played a challenging math game called "I have... Who has...". Though very challenging (mental math with up to 3 addends) every second grader not only participated, but NAILED IT! I guess working together with partners was a great idea, eh Georgia??? Outstanding! We ended the day learning how to pack up, and how green folders go back and forth every day. If you ever want to communicate with us here at school, you can email me, call directly, or send a note via the green folders. Remember, notes are the ONLY way we may allow your students to be picked up by friends. Everyone truly impressed us today! You all were so thoughtful, caring, sharing, respectful turn taking friends! I have a feeling it's going to be an AMAZING year together in second grade... are you feeling it??? See you tomorrow... computers in the afternoon with Ms. Kidder!

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