Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marcus's Meeting and Writing with Science!!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Marcus started our day with a fantastic morning meeting! Well done Marcus! Day 2 on our first work board was another huge success and readers met with reading groups much of the morning! Excellent! In math we reviewed place value and practiced writing numbers using base 10 blocks! Next it was on to using beans (concrete) to help us factor all our equations for the sum 10! We used organized thinking and mats to help us write all our facts! In word study we reviewed our spelling principle for this week, short e vowel sound, and worked in our spelling packets. We used our knowledge about antonyms (opposite words) and synonyms (words with the same or similar meaning), and payed close attention to multiple meaning in words too! It was our lucky day, as Mrs. McCarthy was here to lead some super fun word games for everyone in word study!! Thanks Mrs. McCarthy! I see more awesome word games in our future!! In the afternoon, David ran another productive math meeting, and it was on to read aloud and an honest discussion on what it means to keep (or break) a promise. What do promises mean and what happened in the story to change a characters point of view?? Great discussion friends! We ended the day as scientists in writing workshop. Writers made observations of some bulbs Ms. W. brought to school, and we learned how to write like scientists! Writing what we see, what we notice, what our senses tell us as we observe... like a scientist. Learning what fact is, versus opinion or creative writing. We even learned how to label our scientific illustrations too! Well done! Tomorrow is Thursday... library in the morning, remember your library books so you can check out new ones please!

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