Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Math and Morning Meetings, Scissors and Glyphs!

Greetings Friends! What a great start to our first week in second grade! We had another great morning meeting singing "This Old Lady"?? We also shared a new greeting and played the clothespin game! Fun! Soon every friend will have their own turn running morning meeting! Tomorrow we'll establish morning meeting rules. How will morning meeting rules help us? Next we learned all about second grade homework by practicing in school! Every friend will read for at least 15 minutes every night (but more is better... right Niko) and then write about your reading! Friends may also borrow books from class, as long as they are returned the next day. You may even borrow a book for 2 or 3 nights in a row, especially if it's a chapter book, like Magic Tree House. Students were encouraged to keep their homework folders in a safe spot (night stand, desk, kitchen spot) so they will always know where it is, and never lose it! Well done, and happy reading! In math we actually learned about using scissors (safety first), while following our "glyph codes". More on that later, at Open House! We practiced our Fire Drill protocol so we're prepared for Friday morning's fire drill with the Fire Chief! In the afternoon we started our first math warm up sheet and talked about math facts and fluency! Learning your facts AUTOMATICALLY (no fingers or number lines) is a very important second grade job, so we practice every day for at least 5 minutes! When students complete all their facts (all correct responses per sheet) then they move on to the next sheet. That way, every friend is working on facts that are "just right" for them! Nice job, number crunchers! Ms. Worthley also showed friends how to run a math meeting complete with calendar math, days in school, counting money, and weather graphing! As you can see, our magic number was 10 today! How many ways can you make the number 10? Next week one lucky friend will be the math meeting helper, and all those jobs will become their responsibility! WOW! What a big job! Who's ready? We also wrote words in word study, high frequency words to be exact. This way we will figure out how many of the 100 high frequency words we're still learning, and which words we already know!! Knowing how to spell words (and how spelling patterns work) is the secret weapon for every great Wheel of Fortune player! We had more fun with energizers in between our learning, to help keep our brains wide awake, and focused! We also learned an important second grade word today: perseverance! Trying, more than once, and really sticking with a challenge that you don't succeed at the first time! Abigail described it EVEN BETTER by saying: having courage to keep working on things that might be hard! EXACTLY Abigail!!! Courage! What a great word! Are you feeling courageous friends?! We ended the day in PE with Ms. Gebo and our obstacle course! Fun beginning to the week! Get a good night's sleep so everyone arrives bright and early, ready for learning!!

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