Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awww Shucks!! Farm to Table!

Long day... and it's late, but I wanted to sneak a quick snapshot of our busy Thursday! Maddy started with our morning meeting, followed by work board... officially one of our favorite parts of the day!! In math we learned about doubles and what makes math facts with doubles special! Learning doubles can really help with math fluency and mathematical thinking! Learn 'em and know 'em... that's our motto! While our field trip may have been postponed due to bad weather, Farmer Mike still provided SES with fresh picked corn to shuck today! Students gathered outside today and shucked some fresh picked corn that will be served at lunch tomorrow! LOVE farm to table connections, and thanks to Farmer Mike! In the afternoon, Ms. W had grade level meetings, but that didn't stop writing workshop one bit! Students wrote in their monthly writing journals and were completely IN CHARGE of their writing! Well done writers! Get to bed early so you're well rested for fun Friday and any surprises we may encounter!

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