Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fun and Classroom Rules!!

Greetings Friends! What a productive week we've had in 2W! If you had any doubts about that, just take a look at that workboard! We've learned about so many new centers and workboard jobs that we'll have our first workboard up and running next week! That means launching reading groups and getting BUSY!!!! Can't wait! At morning meeting we discussed what it means to have a classroom that feels safe and fair for everyone, and took those ideas into writing workshop, where we wrote about what's MOST important in our classroom. That's what "brainstorming" looks like in second grade, and we had many lively discussions on what respect looks like and feels like, how to show you care, what "good friends" do, and how to take care of our tools and materials! Ms. W. will go through all our writing and brainstorming very carefully, and we will "sign on" to our classroom rules... the rules you want for your classroom. How we will treat each other and take care of our learning all year in second grade. In math we learned about another important math journal for second graders, and I don't mean POW! journals... I mean WOW! journals!! Word of the week, but in math! As math becomes more and more language based, we have adapted and built in ways to express our math vocabulary (orally and written). Today's word was fairly easy and a word most second graders feel they know. The tricky part is to WRITE what the word means with out using the word! Sure, when you add, you... well, you add. But explain, express what you understand about adding without repeating the vocabulary word. Not so easy, but very valuable practice as we begin to learn core concepts and develop a deep understanding in math! Well done! Niko ran another great math meeting, and we will have a new math meeting helper next week. Way to get us started Niko! Have a great weekend everyone! Looking forward to another productive week of learning, sharing, and all we do in 2W!!

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