Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scholastic News... Headlines and Captions!!

Good day Thursday Thinkers!! We started with a great morning meeting! Rockin' Robin, shoulder greeting, and sparkle!! Next we learned how AWESOME scholastic news is, and how it works on the work board during our morning literacy block! We even took a close look at how text works, and how headlines really try and capture your attention! Math center was next and we used calendars to answer math questions while practicing writing month words and days of the week! With all our early year math data collecting DONE, we learned what's special about quadrilaterals! We even rapped about it! Kinda catchy! We will NEVER, EVER forget how many sides a quadrilateral has!!! See for yourself by clicking the link to the right! Ms. Frazier came in to join us for read aloud, and since we were reading one of her favorites, Chrysanthemum, she jumped at the chance to show off her wonderful read aloud skills! Thanks Ms. Frazier! We learned about Mountain Math (daily drills that we will practice with core concept math) and had another great math meeting! Magic number... 6 today! Georgia showed off some AMAZING thinking skills in front of the whole meeting! Spectacular Georgia! We ended the day outdoors with Ms. Gebo for PE and came back in for another round of Zelda (sort of like hangman). So far, as you can see, second graders cracked the message wide open, before Zelda even had a chance for a body, never mind hands or legs!! So far the score is 2W:2, Zelda:0!!! Well done second graders! Remember to bring in your homework folders tomorrow, Friday! See you bright and early!!

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