Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Readers!!

Greetings Friends! As you can see, Ms. W. was out today... but not really. She had some very special meeting time with readers all day today. In my absence was the ever popular and oh so wonderful Mrs. McGinn, a sorta' legend in 2W as the most awesome substitute teacher EVER!! Of course, Mr. Jarzembowski helped lead the charge, and they were ready for another great day of learning! It all started with morning meeting, and I think I say Madelene take the lead! Well done Madelene! We reviewed buddy reading (staying on task) and scissor safety with Mr. J. and he commented on how responsible and respectfully everyone did their jobs! WOW! In math we reviewed our learning from yesterday with fact families, only in a new way. What didn't change was the important vocabulary and how 3 numbers always work together in each family! Ask your students to share some fact family "rules"!! In spelling we used dictionaries and talked about ABC order, all while practicing short a vowel sound! Writing workshop was our chance to read a letter from Ms. W. and write her a letter back! What do we hope to learn in second grade? What are we curious about, what are our hopes and dreams? Niko helped lead the math meeting and had no problems sharing today's calendar math, weather graph, and today's date in money! Way to go Niko! We ended the day with obstacle course and joined our other second grade friends all together in the gym! FUN! Reading with Ms. W. was the focus and the mission today, and I'd say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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