Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buddy Reading, Meeting Rules, and Highlighters!

Howdy Friends! We sure packed a lot into our Wednesday! We rocked our morning meeting with Rockin' Robin, the earth toss greeting, and a new game, Boppity Bop Bop BOP! Fun! Right after meeting we talked about rules... a "group promise" really, on ideas to make meeting go well and feel fair. We have some masterful brain stormers, because we "knocked out" these meeting rules in the quickest, most democratic style I've ever seen! Well done 2W!! Next it was all about buddy reading, the second grade way! Staying focused on the book, themes and ideas in the story, while reading with a buddy! I have to say... not sure I've ever seen it go SO WELL FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Niko and Abby even shared their ideas for buddy reading at the end! Outstanding! Next we learned how to highlight words in text the second grade way! Sometimes with one stroke, sometimes by tracing words! Again, every friend impressed! Many friends have a new love affair with highlighters... yup, we love our tools in second grade (right Ania)!! We also practiced our math warm up again, for 5 minutes, and many friends are making amazing progress! Every friend is mindful to be quiet, thoughtful workers for this particular 5 minutes of our day! Well done! We also finished our reading responses to quiet reading, and enjoyed some quiet reading too! Glyphs are done, and we can't wait for Open House (September 27, Thursday) for you to see for yourself! What a productive day... a lot was accomplished, and a lot more planned for tomorrow! I can't wait!!

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