Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Odd and Even Numbers, and COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!

So, as you can see... I feel pretty strongly about, not only odd and even numbers, but writing out our thoughts (answers) in COMPLETE SENTENCES!!! Taking words out of the question and using them in your answer is always a good strategy if you don't know how to start. But everyone agreed today, complete sentences sound better, look better, and have more information than a one or two word answer!!! So, yah... you see where I'm coming from when it comes to written expression and writing... MORE PLEASE!! If you can tell me you know... show me you know! Wow.. I can get pretty worked up when it comes to writing workshop! Everyone's a writer in 2W, and the beauty is that we all express and write differently! We will find our "voice" this year, and use it in all our writing! OK... on to other parts of our day... in math we introduced odd and even numbers with Brainpop Jr. After, we used our learning about place value to look at numbers and determine if they are an odd or even number. The one's place is the most important place to look when figuring out if a number is odd or even. We learned a new song too, to help us remember odd numbers! Some of us even took the microphone and lead the class in our new math song! Brave, important, and fun!! Making odd and even trains also helped us introduce this idea that every number is either odd or even. Tomorrow we will stretch our learning with odd and even numbers and use vocabulary like "pairs", and "left overs". We also celebrated "wacky word Wednesday" again with Ms. McCarthy, and her awesome new game called ZONK! Using our phonics skills to read, say, decode, and count spelling words... does it get any better than that? Fernando had one great math meeting and after we listened to Amazing Grace, a wonderful story about a girl with limitless imagination and how she bravely takes on the lead role in the school play! We officially finished our first work board, and will begin a new one on Thursday! Well done! We reminded ourselves how to work "independently" and what it means to "pick a good work spot", and be an efficient worker! And, boy... are we getting there! I think "buddy reading" might be our favorite literacy activity, and boy, are we GOOD at it!! Great job friends! Library tomorrow, remember your books so you can borrow new ones!

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