Thursday, September 13, 2012

Work Board Centers and Calendars!!

Another great day to be a second grader, that's for sure! We were treated to a readers theater first thing in the morning, starring our very own Deter, Katie, and Fernando! They read from the Gingerbread Man, a very familiar story, and were wonderful! At morning meeting we sang Black Socks in rounds, and played sparkle, everyone's favorite!! In the morning we learned how to complete center based work as it relates to writing, and puzzles! We reviewed what makes sentences special (capitals, punctuation, and they have to make sense), and wrote sentences about friendship! Excellent! We did have a brief moment to remind ourselves how to take care of the snack bin, and better yet, how NOT to leave the snack bin. Enough said... glad THAT will never happen again! In math we talked about the importance of using calendars as tools to tell dates and keep track of events, hot school lunches, birthdays, and so much more. After watching Annie and Moby on Brainpop Jr. (always a fun highly visual way to learn) we made our own September calendars! Hard work, but we were ready for the challenge! By morning's end, we could see how ready we really are for work board to begin! We can't wait! Niko ran another spectacular math meeting, and then it was read aloud. We read "Andy and the Tire" and talked again about sharing a special moment with a special person. We talked about Andy's special moment, and his special person. Next, we were off to finish writing stories we started yesterday: a story about a special moment with someone special to you (the student). We ended the day outdoors in the beautiful sunshine for some PE and exercise! Great day friends! See you tomorrow for fun Friday!!

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