Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome Back to 2011!

Happy New Year Second Graders! Peter started 2011 off right with Rockin' Robin, the pinky handshake greeting, and the acting out game! Well done Peter! We got right to work with our new word study principle... long u vowel sound and all the wacky ways we use to spell those words. Writing workshop was full (I mean, really FULL) of great holiday stories! Writers helped organize their thinking with graphic organizers... highlighting our "main idea" of our story, along with supporting details. We had three very brave writers share their stories at author's share. By sharing and talking about how you designed your story, what you were thinking, along with what you went back and "fixed up" in your story helps everyone become a better writer! Awesome job Olivia, TJ, and Peter! Writing is INDEED a process, and you helped us all by letting us into your "process" and your thinking!
We reviewed fractions in math today with a hands-on "pie" activity. When you see and compare 1/3 of a pie with 1/4 of a pie, you get a good perspective on more, less, and how parts compare. We will focus on fractions (equal parts of a whole or a group) tomorrow and pay special attention to vocabulary as well!
We ended the day with a new read aloud story: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! One of the best stories ever... full of lessons and wacky characters. Roald Dahl sure knows how to write about the nitty gritty underbelly of bad behavior when it comes to spoiled children! We have lots of surprises in store for when we get toward the end of the story!
Great day friends! It was awesome to see everyone and be together again after the break! Happy New Year!

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