Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday... MONDAY and Mary's Morning Meeting!!!

Great Monday Friends! Mary started us off with a great morning meeting (Are You Sleeping, ball rolling greeting and boppity bop bop bop). Well done Mary! We adjourned to hand writing with "weekend fun words" as our embedded theme and came up with some seriously fun words to write today! Our new spelling rule was all about plurals! Taking a word and changing it or adding to it to "show more than one". A very important rule that will certainly help us with our writing! Weekend stories were the topic in writing workshop, and we talked about "adjectives" and how describing words really make a "juicy" story! Adjectives can put a picture into the readers head, like they're watching the story on t.v., but in their mind! Very cool! Maya and Peter boldly shared their stories today, and modeled excellent habits of successful writers (using "think sheets", rereading their work, and especially using adjectives to spice up their story)!! Well done!
In math we practiced a story problem with 3 variables and remembered how important a "picture, words, numbers, and the answer" are when solving word problems! Way to show your thinking second graders!
We ended the day with Ms. Kidder in computers with a fun adaptations game and created some crazy new species of animals! WILD!
I hear there's more winter weather on the way.... stay tuned friends! Tomorrow: sneakers for P.E. please. Thanks for all the wish list donations! Maintaining this blog creates a mighty big appetite for AA batteries.... thought I'd add this to the 2W wish list items. Thanks again for all your classroom support.

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