Thursday, January 13, 2011

TJ's Meeting and Data with Venn!

Can you say "HOLY SNOW DAY"?? What a great time we had at recess with all that awesome SNOW! Woohoo! Please remember we play outside, every day, and need warm clothes, hats, gloves, snowpants, and boots to be prepared! We also have an unusually windy playground, so all the extra clothes help us stay warm as well as dry!
TJ started our Thursday off with a new ball-kick greeting (well done TJ!), and Mister Golden Sun! We practiced our handwriting with "winter" words (very appropriate) and learned how to do "look, say, cover, write, check" with our new amount of spelling words. We had a long productive literacy block on work board and in reading groups... well done second graders!
In math today, we collected some data and learned how to organize it on a Venn diagram! Very cool! We also practiced reading our Venn diagrams and how to compare and apply the data to every day situations! Interesting! We ended the day in computers and as Adan said, our behavior was a "thousand thumbs up"! Get ready for fun Friday second graders! Remember, it's "Patriots" (as in the football team) Spirit day, so come to school all decked out in Patriot's colors (red, blue, white) and "REPRESENT"! You don't have to be a Patriots (or a football) expert to join in the fun! See you tomorrow!

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