Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back... At Last!!

Greetings Second grade friends!! What crazy wintry weather we've had... BIG TIME! Gotta admit, it was nice to see everyone after the long, unexpected break! We settled right back into word study with our new spelling rule... Dipthong /oi/ and /oy/. We did some quiet reading and tried to get back into the swing of our schedule, even though we had a very short morning.
We practiced math facts with our newly added "math minute" and Did Together In Class (D.T.I.C.). We reviewed time lines with Dr. Martin Luther King, and are getting ready to make our own personal time lines soon! Fun!
Ice outside made outdoor recess too dangerous (and if you tried to walk in your driveway this morning, you can relate)!! Hopefully, tomorrow we'll be outdoors for recess, so come prepared with snow clothes, hats, mittens, and boots!

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