Friday, January 14, 2011

Fractions, Poetry, and Peter's Awesome V.I.P!!

Fabulous Friday Friends! Kirsten started our day with morning meeting! Loved singing Chicken Lips (grossest song EVER), and playing the clothespin game (well played Adriana and Mackenzie... well played)!!
Our theme in handwriting was "famous presidents" and we talked our way through a pretty respectable list of former presidents and their accomplishments! Well done second graders, that's what I call a good, balanced representation of some influential Presidential history! Very impressive!
We had our first buddy test with our new amount of words, and it went very well (second graders are truly ready for challenge when the new year hits)!! We also practiced sorting fractions of a group. Easy when you're asked to cut a whole circle in half, or in fourths, but what about a "group" of 8 squares, or 12 circles... what then? How do you split groups into equal parts? We learned the super-special top secret second grade way of splitting up groups, and stretched our learning in fraction-math! Nice!
Students recited our poem of the week together and realized that practice, does indeed make "perfect". The more you practice reading a poem, the more fluent, smooth, and "perfect" you sound while reading. Fun!
We ended our day with Peter's VIP presentation and were duly impressed with his knowledge of the South Korean flag and it's colors and symbols! This (flag) is clearly a meaningful part of Peter's possessions and personal history, and we were very grateful he shared it with us today! Truly one amazing VIP presentation Peter! Thank you for sharing such a special part of yourself with all your friends.
Sharing continues next week, but with a new twist... stay tuned second grade!
Happy Martin Luther King Day! Consider honoring his legacy and memory with a kind act. Extend an olive branch and bridge the gap with his message of "love" (not "hate). Thank you Dr. King.
Happy weekend! See you all Tuesday!

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