Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adriana's Meeting and Fractions!

Students arrived ready and raring to go today! Adriana started us off with the Sandwiches song, Spongebob greeting, and a rousing game of "Alibi". Well done Adriana! We sorted (and read) our spelling words according to each word's spelling rule and practiced our handwriting with more of "Martin's Big Words"! Very impressive handwriting and equally impressive thoughtful use of words like: peace, freedom, love, fair, equal rights, and character!! How I love the sense of justice and moral conviction of second graders... tell it like it is... with complete clarity! Writers shared their thoughtful ideas at author's share. Well done writers!
We worked on fractions in math today as well, and stretched our learning. Instead of fractions of a "whole" we worked on fractions (equal parts) of a group (a bit harder... especially when finding 1/3 of a group of 12 items). We learned Ms. Weinbergers super-special-secret-strategy for working with fractions of a group, and will review our thinking tomorrow. We've also been working with "data" in math too. We've worked with surveys, bar graphs, tables, and collecting data using Venn diagrams... how cool!!
Snow day tomorrow? Every other school has "called it in" already. We'll see. If you do, indeed, have a day off, go out and PLAY IN ALL THAT SNOW!!! We will have a "snow" survey question waiting when you return!

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