Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pocket Day and a New Work Board!!

Greetings Friends! What a full and fun Tuesday... starting with Lannashia's morning meeting! Great job, and another silly game of "telephone"! Did someone say chicken nugget?? Crazy!
After meeting we practiced handwriting with fraction words to help reinforce our math vocabulary! Neatness counts, and spelling does too! We started a new work board today and had a very productive morning at new literacy centers while readers met with Ms. Worthley. Excellent morning second graders! Our visitor, Lylah, observed our classroom today and hopes to become a school guidance counselor someday soon. She was rather surprised at how well second graders work together, cooperate and help one another, and how much we love fractions!! Glad we could help Lylah on her path to a rewarding career with children.
This afternoon we had a blast with Ms. Weinberger and "Pocket Math"!! We counted our pockets and made number combination in our equations to make our adding easier! We used our number sense to predict how many pockets we indeed counted, and how close our actual counting was to our predictions! YES... NUMBERS, COUNTING, PREDICTING, INFERENCES, AND THINKING IS A BLAST in second grade!!! We had 10 extra minutes left at the end of the day before music, so, why not play a little game of Zelda? Most know this game as "hangman" but in second grade we call it Zelda. Students worked in teams (cooperation, listening, compromise and sensitivity) and guessed Zelda's secret phrase! Students got points for correct letters, but also earned points for "teamwork"! Well done second graders! Great day! PE tomorrow... SNEAKERS please.

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