Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cafe Sun and All School Sing! Musical Wednesday For Sure!

Wow! A lot packed into one Wednesday school day! We started with Adan's morning meeting. Our morning was full with handwriting (focusing on fraction vocabulary review), and work board/reading groups. Writing focused again, on our habitat unit, and today we learned about the tropical rain forest, and how valuable and small this part of our planet really is. We wrote about different animals that live in this hot, humid habitat, and learned about the adaptations of animals and how they live/survive there.
We practiced more double digit addition in math, and caught up on work as well. We also talked about how important it is to learn (work on) our math facts up to 20. We spend 5 minutes, each day, with our math warm-up, practicing math facts, but could really use more practice. We'll talk about how flash cards can help, and send home a set of flash cards with every student for some extra practice. Simple... even 5 minutes a day with flashcards will help you be faster, better, and smarter at knowing your math facts!
We ended the day with an All School Sing and learned a lot of new songs from Mr. Hines reflecting freedom, civil rights, and struggle! Mathathon participants will be sent home with prizes earned for their participation tomorrow. Well done second graders! Not only did you practice math concepts, but you truly helped St. Jude's Hospital help care for their youngest, most vulnerable cancer patients! Thanks Ms. Weinberger for putting this academic fundraiser together for our students! Second graders making a difference! Nice!

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