Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mary's Morning Meeting and JEOPARDY!!

Howdy Folks! If there could ever be one supremely superior day packed with fun, cooperative learning, and friendship... today was THAT DAY!!
Mary started our last day before the holiday with an awesome meeting, message, tambourine greeting, and the "acting out" game! Loved it! Well done Mary!
Soon after, we "showed off" our best handwriting and took our buddy test (review of long vowels a, e, i, and o)! We caught up, as it was "ketchup" day for work board (and yes, Charlie, you may have a side of fries with that...) while Ms. Worthley met with readers (her... my favorite thing to do)!!
We ended our fabulous day playing Jeopardy in math with Ms. Weinberger (who was psyched)!! After "partnering" up, and naming our teams (Team Smart, Math Lovers, Awesome Thinkers, Thinking and Winning, Math Eagle Lions, Celtics Math Winners... how cool are those for some team names) the playing began! Students were challenged in several categories: story problems (converting "question" language into "answer" language), fractions, place value, guess my number, and MYSTERY.... oooooo!
We had a blast! Great sportsmanship and teamwork, cooperation, leadership, and MATH PROBLEM SOLVING.... how great is that?!?!
Happy holidays to you all! I will miss your amazing students, and look forward to seeing them in the new year! Cheers!

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  1. Oh... And, did you notice Maya calculating her score with a little thing we call DOUBLE DIGIT ADDITION WITH CARRYING!!!! BOOYAH!!