Thursday, January 6, 2011

Martins Big Words and Slim Goodbody!!

Greetings Thursday Thinkers! Ethan started our day with an awesome morning meeting and soon after we were working on our fraction vocabulary in handwriting. Outstanding writing second graders! Mid-morning we began another conversation on civil rights after reading Martins Big Words, a beautiful book (slightly biographical) framed around Dr. Kings speech and philosophy on how to fight injustice with love and tolerance. Wow! Do second graders "GET IT"! What a tough yet so important part of our American history, and second graders are clearly proponents of justice, equity, and compassion! Very impressive.
We worked on some artwork around the book's theme, and will do some more writing about Dr. King tomorrow in writing workshop. I wonder if Olivia knew what Ms. Worthley was planning when she picked her wardrobe today... what an amazing coincidence!! Well done Olivia!
We ended our day with a special event from Slim Goodbody! Wow!! What a great interactive fun way to learn about nutrition and this AMAZING MACHINE we call our body! Our very own Maya got up to participate, skillfully showing how her amazing body is so coordinated... walking while connected to Makayla's head! Very cool, thanks Slim, and thanks PTO for sponsoring another fantastic enrichment experience for our school!!

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