Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Tuesday!!

Greetings Snowbunnies! We managed to squeeze in a half day of school, despite the wrath of Mother Natures abundance of snow!!! Lannashia started us off at her morning meeting with This Old Man, the ball toss greeting, and an awesome game of sparkle (LOVE that game)!! Well done Lannashia! Our handwriting theme was "snowy winter words", perfect day for that! We were able to learn about one more habitat, the woodland/forest habitat, before choosing our animals to research. Learning about a variety of habitats have helped us learn about research and the importance of understanding "facts" as scientific observers and learners. It's also helped to lay a lot of schema about how animals live and what they need before choosing what to research. And let's face it, it's been a blast comparing and contrasting different types of environments and adaptations needed to survive in different parts of the world!
We were also able to fit in some quiet reading this morning as well (while watching and wondering about all that snow coming down out our windows)!
We've just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and in 2W that means Willy Wonka Day will happen very soon! Probably next week! This is usually a very exciting day where we arrive to school dressed as our favorite story book character, and have fun "candying" with the curriculum! No kidding, this day is super fun and still full of exciting academic challenges with a little of that Wonka charm and flavor mixed in! I'll send a "hard copy" note home notifying everyone of the official date... until then, keep thinking about how to surprise us with your rendition of an Oompa-loompa, gum-snapping Violet, overindulgent Augustus, spoiled-winey Veruca, wise-mouthed Mike TV, crazy old Grandpa Joe, mysterious Willy Wonka, or our hero, sweet-loving Charlie! Whoever you choose you need not spend money on costumes... remember, they're just kids, just like you, so be creative and have fun!!
Wondering about a snow day tomorrow? Hmmmm... please remember to read and keep up with your homework and math practice. Spend a little time with your flash cards too, just like we showed you in class! Happy snow day!!

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