Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peter's Meeting, and One Celestial, Numerical, and Musical Readers Theater Experience!

What can I say... Peter said it best... "This was the best day ever". Now, Peter has a tendency to say that every so often, but, today was a pretty spectacular day! We started with Peter's morning meeting (while some teeny weeny butterflies might have been preoccupying our tummies) with the Mister Sun song, koosh greeting, and the ever popular "acting out" game. Well done Peter.
After that, we prepared for our readers theater by talking about things we do well, and what we should remember to have our best reading ever! While eating snack, students shared what they're excited about... and you could feel the excitement in the air! When 10:30 finally arrived, we were ready! We loved reading for everyone. We loved learning so much about the Solar System, and playing with place value in "Dont Forget the Zero"! Reading with friends, all together takes some patience (waiting for your turn, following along, cooperation and flexibility all around), but we loved every minute of it!
We chose some special songs to go along with the themes of our theaters, and hoped you enjoyed that as well! 2W especially loved hosting our 2Z friends, and appreciated your audience participation!
After all was said and done... there was some thoughtful reflection about our experience. How did it feel to practice, to perform, to see your family in the audience? How did it feel receiving compliments from friends and teachers? How did it feel after all your hard work was appreciated! What stood out as memorable, what might have felt tricky/unexpected, and how did we cope in those moments?
I must say, I was so proud of how we performed, how we read fluently, how we supported one another, and how we complimented our friends during thoughtful reflection! Hard work feels challenging, and yields great rewards! Well done second graders! Can't wait to do it again... and soon!!
My deepest thanks and appreciation to all the parents, aunties, grandparents, friends, and siblings who came to support our little moment! Very validating and certainly motivation to work hard on the next one!

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  1. It goes without saying (and we said it out loud today) we sure did miss Mackenzie!! Can't wait for another opportunity for another performance for her and her family! Get well Mackenzie! It's not the same without you!