Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All School Sing and Cafe Sun!! What a Day!!

Greetings! If ever there was a day that felt like3 or 4 days packed into 1 day... today was the day! Mr. Howell, keenly aware of our interest in coins and money, shared some of his Canadian coins with our coin experts. Thanks Mr. Howell. We practiced our spelling words (the look, say, cover, check way) and had fun with our poetry packs. All our poems highlighted our spelling principle... long i vowel sound, and we had fun on our work hunt as detectives while reading the poems out loud together!
We caught up on our work board, and prepared for Cafe Sun today at lunch! What a great show it was!! Mary and her piano charmed an audience full of parents, teachers, students, and distinguished guests! Maya belted out a great tune with the help of her third grade buddies (Maddison and Amanda), great job Maya! The second grade completely rocked the joint with their rendition of the Macarana dance... Too cool! And there was so much more! WOW! Well done Cafe Sun!
Later in math, we introduced fractions with a great movie and talked about what we already "KNOW" about fractions. We will continue our work with fraction vocabulary (equal parts, half, third fourth, one quarter, whole, group) and play with fraction math in class!
As if that wasn't enough, we ended the day with Mr. Hines and an All School Sing! What a treat! Some very adorable preschoolers helped lead This Little Light of Mine... recognize that cutie up there Lannashia! Well done preschoolers, and what a treat it was! Another super full, fun, great day in second grade!
REMEMBER...NO SCHOOL TOMORROW. See you all Friday morning!

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