Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maya's Meeting, Winter Concert, Mr. Howell's Read Aloud... and Let's Play Jeopardy!!

Greetings Friends! Another full and busy day was had by all in second grade today. Maya started us off with "One Bottle Of Pop" (love singing it in a round), the koosh greeting, and "telephone"! Well done Maya! We had a brief few minutes for snack before going to our SES Winter Concert... and what a show it was! If you were there, you were, no doubt, impressed by the strings/orchestra and band (now, after school enrichment programs at SES) as well as the recorders and chorus! What a show! Can we just say that Mr. Hines can sure put a smile on our face? Well done 5th and 6th graders... great singing... you sure put us in the holiday spirit!! LOVED IT!
We came back to class to a repeat performance of our readers theater, for those that missed it the first time. Nice job Mackenzie... much better with you in the cast, I must say!
After that, we ended the morning with our Word Study Jeopardy game, and worked together to answer questions about phonics, syllables, spelling rules, and some serious "mystery" questions! The questions were designed for success and learning, but the game goals also focused on good sportsmanship and cooperative learning.... team work! Remember second graders... I have my eyes on you... (you get it)!! Stickey-icky-ooey-gooey eyes were awarded all who participated... FUN!
After lunch, Mr. Howell was our guest reader at read aloud with a beloved story from Canada (our neighbor to the north) called "The Hockey Sweater". He shared the history of the story, beginning with some Canadian money! We noticed what's important to Canadians, and loved that they feature Hockey, children playing, and children's literature on their currency! Wow... whose working in the Canadian mint?
Finally, Charlie had another awesome math meeting, and we worked on December Calendars. Tomorrow is our last (full) day before the winter break. I will seriously miss your students over the break and look forward to our return! I hope I'll see you at the January 1st Winter Skating Party at Mullins Center at UMass (6:30-8:30).... Stevie and I will be there and skate our hearts out (though some might call that a "hot mess"). Be there, don't be square... and all money supports the 6th grade fund raising committee! Skate, have fun, and support our 6ht grade brothers and sisters! YEAH!!

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