Monday, December 20, 2010

Rebecca's Morning Meeting and V.I.P!!

Big day for Rebecca today... and she didn't disappoint! She started the day with a great morning meeting, and ended the day with an awesome VIP! Her dog is one of the most well behaved living creatures to enter our room, and we seriously enjoyed her company! Thanks to Rebecca's Mom for supporting such a memorable VIP for Rebecca as well!
In between morning meeting and VIP, we read our poems (Mistletoe!) for each other and some even memorized it! Wow Mackenzie... impressive!
We also wrote and shared holiday stories in writing workshop and impressed Ms. Worthley, as well as our peers! Best writing workshop ever, when it comes to fiction and excellent writing! So, so glad we took the time st share everyone's stories!
Right after Rebecca's VIP we had a quiet moment to enjoy one of our favorite holiday stories and some popcorn... Too Many Tamales! Everyone loved it so much, they requested every Friday be popcorn-story treat days... can't say that I don't LOVE that idea!! We'll see friends!

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