Monday, December 6, 2010

Ethan and Maya run their Meetings... Writing and Patterns!!

Howdy everyone! Monday's are great in second grade, and we've had a fun and productive day! It all started with Ethan's morning meeting! Well done Ethan! We started the day with a new spelling rule... long i vowel sound, and picked our words for the week!
Mondays mean weekend stories, and our weekend stories were DOOSIES!!! We reviewed how to use our "think sheets" and strategies for a "great beginning" to really GRAB the reader. Maya was generous enough to share her weekend story on our think sheet, and who knew cheer camp could be so much FUN! Wow! Writers worked on their stories during our workshop using rich vocabulary and making sure we were actually "writing" during our entire workshop! Mary shared a great story about her Sunday at the Symphony, and, of course, Maya shared her cheer camp story during author's share! Well done ladies, great stories!
Maya started our math block with a great math meeting and lead us right into the "Guess My Pattern" game! So much fun! Using our knowledge of snap cubes, predicting, and patterns, we guessed our way through one entire tube of snap cubes! Good predicting, thoughtful use of clues as they were given, and we guessed the pattern! Well done! It wouldn't be a pattern without a "core".... and I don't mean apple!! The core, today, was AABCCD (orange, orange, red, yellow, yellow white)! LOVED the game today friends! After all that, we used beans to identify and write all the math facts... equations.... for 13! That's right, 13 beans, and 14 facts!! Making an organized list of facts certainly helped our thinking, and made certain that we'd identify each and every math fact! Awesome day friends! Looking forward to "Toe-Tapping-Tick-Tocking-Totally-Tremendous-Tuesday!

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