Monday, December 13, 2010

Losing Teeth... TJ's Meeting... and Miss McCarthy's Last Day

See for yourself! Maya lost a tooth, and we couldn't help but notice how different we look without front teeth! Thanks for sharing Maya!
TJ started the day with a morning meeting wake up call.... well done TJ! I love the "sparkle" game... so much fun (Miss McCarthy loved it too)! We adjourned to handwriting and word study where we practiced writing paragraphs, and picked our new spelling words. Long O vowel sound... when your mouth is shaped like an O and O says it's name (with the help of silent e, an extra w and an a as well, along with _old...).
It was Miss McCarthy's last day in our classroom and we took some thoughful moments to reflect on how she helped us with our learning. Students also shared their thoughts about having Miss McCarthy join our class... all agreed she will be a great teacher and wish her all the best! And are those cupcakes for us??? Wow! Thanks Miss McCarthy! Nice touch to our last day together!
We practiced our readers theater in front of our 4th grade buddies... and they LOVED it! They helped us notice things we did well, and gave some thoughtful, helpful advice as well. Love, love, love our 4th grade buddies! Can't wait to perform our readers theater for you all on WEDNESDAY at 10:30! Come if you can! We'd love to have you see the fruits of all our hard work in reading this week!
In writing workshop we talked about invitations and what's important to put in an invitation and how this is a special kind of writing. We crafted some invitations of our own, and hopefully you've already read your student's wishes for you to accompany us on WEDNESDAY, December 15, at 10:30 am for our readers theater!
Adriana lead her first math meeting and it was AMAZING!! She skillfully recited our calendar math, days in school (and money counting), along with the weather graph! Next thing you know, Adriana will be in the boardroom, skillfully handling young executives in their quest for success! Well done Adriana!
We practiced fraction math with our "slightly smarter" smartboard... and hope to get some good use out of this amazing technology from here on in! We practiced vocabulary (equal parts, half, third, fourth/quarter) looked at fractions, and shaded parts to equate with the fractions. Excellent practice and excellent poster work Friday friends! Fun with fractions indeed!
We ended the day with Ms. Kidder and computers and agree, she might just be one of the nicest teachers we ever met! Great start to a fun week.
Remember, the "extra" math homework is marked "extra" and TOTALLY OPTIONAL. It may be challenging, and was intended as practice/enrichment for those who requested it. I will correct it, as I do all the homework, but remember, doing your BEST WORK on your regular assignment is priority number one. All homework is due on Friday! PS: Have fun with your poem of the week, and see if you can catch someone at home under the mistletoe (hee hee)!
Cold weather's here... DRESS WARM FOR OUTDOOR RECESS!! See you tomorrow friends!

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