Thursday, December 16, 2010

Olivia's Meeting, Holiday Stories and Green Eggs and Ham!

As you read today's blog, you will continue to be GREEN with jealousy... Yes, yes indeed, this is my JOB... what I get to do, every day, with your students. So... let me explain...
Olivia ran a wonderful morning meeting! Pinch hitting for Rebecca, she picked our song (This Old Man... love it), scarf greeting, and Alibi... a great game! Well done Olivia... loved how you greeted your classmates as "awesome readers"... it's like a greeting and a huge compliment (after yesterday) all wrapped up into one lovely message!
We got right to work, practicing equations and remembering to pay attention to the sign (subtraction or addition), and fill in the variables in our number sentences! Lots of thinking, holding on to information, attention to detail (+ - =) and problem solving! Nice!
Mackenzie surprised us with home made chocolate chip cookies for snack in celebration of her being back in good health and back at school. Thanks Mackenzie (like I said... this is my job... I actually get to partake in these wonderful exchanges, in this wonderful class... every day)!
We worked on holiday stories in writing workshop today. We connected with stories we've read recently, like Polar Express, Too Many Tamales, Cranberry Christmas... and took a shot at writing our own holiday stories! YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP... writers worked thoughtfully and diligently on crafting their ideas into stories. What a great writing day we had! Friends shared stories about elves and machines.... and poor little Joe, who couldn't finish his Christmas wish list! Lots of detail, dialogue, and one very captive second grade audience during authors share! Well done writers!
We continued to practice and stretch our learning about fractions, and reasoned why certain pictures are fractions (and/or why not). We reviewed vocabulary, created fractions of our own... and finished with "edible fractions"! Nice job friends!
We ended the day in Computers with Ms. Cialek, who was very impressed with our behavior and learning in computers today... YES... manners, and behavior matter in second grade, well done!
If you were lucky enough to be at SES at 4:30, you were in for one amazing show... GREEN EGGS AND HAM!!! Starring our very own Maya (thing 1), Ethan (thing 1 1/2... yes, there were 3 "things), and Mackenzie who played one very convincing Seussical mouse! All were wonderful, all delivered their lines skillfully, and all lit up the stage like "nobody's business"!! Kudos to Cathy Lee who lead this small company by way of the afterschool enrichment program, and met with this small group in only 6-8 sessions to produce such a theatrical feast of musical, Seussical, colorful MAGIC! Great job Maya, Ethan, and Mackenzie! What a treat!
Tomorrow.... Library day! Homework due! Warm winter clothes for recess! And a little surprise from Ms. Worthley and Mrs. Cialek! See you then!

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