Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are You Ready for some Theater??

Greetings second graders and all! Much of today was spent preparing for and practicing our readers theaters in preparation for your visit tomorrow! Students crafted clever costumes, and went over lines, and we're as ready as we'll ever be! Ms. Weinberger loved her preview today! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow morning at 10:30 for your chance to see it for yourselves!
Kirsten started us off with a great morning meeting... Sandwiches, telephone game, and a great greeting! Well done Kirsten. We wrote some amazing spelling sentences using our spelling words today and reviewed our spelling rule (long o vowel sound). TJ brought in some awesome holiday books to share at quiet reading and we "caught up" on some work board work while Ms. Worthley met with readers. Adriana ended the day with another fantastic math meeting and finally got to put the "snow" icon on our pictograph! Well done Adriana! Not a lot, but it was, indeed snowing when you prepared for your math meeting! Speaking of snow, please make sure your student is BUNDLED UP for recess, as we head out every day in winter (unless it's so bitter cold we are unable to... below 20 degrees at 11:30 am). Sometimes it's colder in the early morning and warms up by recess time, so always arrive prepared for outdoor fun!
See you all tomorrow at 10:30 for some fabulous friends performing Our Solar System, and Don't Forget the Zero! It's SHOW TIME!!

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