Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mackenzie's Meeting and Fact Families!!

Greetings Friends! Mackenzie started our day with quite a "wake-up" song... Rockin' Robin! We shared the "koosh-toss" greeting (check out the great action shot with Mackenzie catching the koosh...cool!!), and played the "acting out" game! Everyone joined in the fun today, and that's just the way we like it! Such a fun game Mackenzie, great meeting!
We sorted our spelling words in ABC order, and caught up on all our work board center work!
In math we used what we learned yesterday (with beans and math facts up to 13), and worked on fact families! There are always 4 facts in a family, and only 3 numbers can be in one family (13, 7, 6... 13, 4, 9) and indeed, we ROCKED the fact families today... 2W style! Students also showed of what they know about balancing equations with up to 4 variables, and YES... THAT IS QUITE A CHALLENGE...well done second graders! We also played "Guess My Pattern" with Olivia D's "core"! Using snap cubes students predict what they think the pattern will be, given a small amount of clues, and using what they know about snap cubes and patterns! FUN! We will begin a our unit on fractions tomorrow, while we keep on practicing our work with equations (and number sense)! Can't wait!
We ended the day with Mr. Hines in music and loved it, as usual! Great day!
Tomorrow, work board catch up, look/say/cover, spelling sentences (vocab. work with spelling words), all school SING (woohoo), and we introduce fractions... the second grade way! Sleep well!

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