Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lannashia's Meeting and some Amazing Recitals!!

Lannashia started our day with a great meeting! Oh Susanah (or... Oh Pilgrims... yes, we dabbled in rewriting the song over the holiday), the tambourine greeting, and the clothespin game! Nice job Lannashia! We started our day with handwriting, and once again, our writing, spacing (and rhyming) was very impressive! We practiced another readers theater about the solar system (along with our very cool "place value" story) and can't wait to share our theaters with you!
At read aloud, we enjoyed another story from our December-holiday browsing basket called Too Many Tamales. We loved the story and connected in meaningful ways with stories of our own about a time when it was extremely hard to do the "right thing" (telling a parent about something that happened... that you may not have been proud of, a mistake perhaps, but knew it was the right thing to do). Quite an interesting dialogue friends! You could have heard a pin drop as students shared their text to self connections with our story! Very impressive friends!
Math was full of more equations with 4 or more variables ( yes, I said 4 or more!!!! Holy Cow!). Students worked on both sides of the equals sign, making sure both sides were equal, of course, and stretched our thinking to include subtraction! WOW!! We did some amazing thinking, reasoning, and calculating today friends! Well done!
We ended the day with an extraordinary treat after school with some wonderful recitals! Mary performed on the piano, and Olivia and Kirsten performed on guitar, and the audience LOVED IT!! Can't say that I've enjoyed a show like that in a long time! Amazing job ladies... simply awesome!!

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