Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fact Families and Bats RULE!

Greetings Thursday Thinkers! We finally finished our Thanksgiving inspired work board and will be starting a new work board tomorrow! Woohoo! We've added some new options, like listening center, art, and a variety of "orange bin" choices! Awesome! In math we stretched our learning about 13 and worked with fact families! We talked about some important math vocabulary like "equation", "sum", "difference", and "addend" while composing all the math facts up to 13! We noticed turn around facts, and even talked about how equations for 13 will never have a "double" because 13 is an odd number!! GREAT thinking today, and great work with numbers, equations, and 13, friends! Some readers shared their bat research today as well! Aine and Ethan shared their bat books, talked about how they collected their research, taking care to cite their evidence from the text, and how they converted what they learned into an eye catching colorful, fact filled poster! Great job friends, accompanied by some very thoughtful, articulate presentations! Bats are pretty cool... who knew?? Justin lead another great math meeting, and Abby introduced us to a new greeting at her morning meeting, koosh behind the back! Well done Abby! We spent some time this afternoon talking about each of our responsibilities when it comes to learning and listening. When blurting and excessive chatting and joking become part of read aloud, writing workshop, and work board, it can really interrupt and interfere with our learning. After some thoughtful reflection, we talked about what could be different tomorrow, and I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day! I'll plan an extra long writing workshop in celebration of our commitment and LOVE for writing! Can't wait for fun Friday tomorrow!!

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